In my last blog, I admitted to cheating on the weekends. I need to set the record straight, since I am a woman of integrity (I like to think so anyways, you would have to ask someone who knew me in college, since that is clearly where my personality was formed). I give you evidence of outfits I have worn not in my 30×30. And no, these are not just pajamas and work out clothes. They are full-on going out clothes (I refrain from cheating at work, the Nerd would look negatively on that, plus I don’t want it to take 3 years for me to get 30 outfits out of this. That would really defeat the purpose).

Ok, so this one isn’t so bad. Although you can’t see them, I am wearing my navy Express jeans and my nude Franco Sarto pumps from my 30. (Top: Brown Eyed Girl)

This one is a little worse, but I am still wearing my black dollhouse pumps (not pictured), which are in my 30. (Top: Target, Skirt: Express)

This I have no excuse for, and worst of all it was last night after admitting to the world that I am a cheater. To make matters worse, I don’t know the name of the store where I got this dress. I know it was on Magazine Street in New Orleans and the designer is called Moon Collection, but I failed to make note of the boutique name. Shame, shame, shame. The gray pumps I am wearing (not pictured) are from Lotus Boutique.