Being the good friend that I am, I allowed my friend who I will refer to as Creole Lady borrow a few dresses last weekend to wear out. No biggie, we swap clothes all the time. It turns out there is just one problem: she took two of my 30×30 dresses back to her house. While I know I will get them back eventually, Creole Lady has a bad habit of procrastinating when it comes to returning my clothes. I still have a significant number of outfits left before I reach the intended 30 (I have been cheating on the weekends occasionally), so I will have to blitzkrieg her home in the next couple of days so that I bring my dresses to their rightful home in my rotation.

Top: Anthropologie, Sweater: Brown Eyed Girl, Jeans: Express, Belt: Red Dress Boutique, Shoes: Target. (Thanks to the Nerd for some awesome pics today!)

Day 15